In case the sentence I wrote for the holiday guide didn’t convince you to buy Who Was Changed and Who Was Dead, here’s what you have to know: I want to say that Who Was Changed and Who Was Dead is best described as “The Royal Tennebaums” meets Shirley Jackson, but it’s also something else entirely. A fantastically quirky novel complete with a tyrannical grandmother, lovelorn maids, and blood and madness.


For the young intellectuals in your life:

Leaving the Atocha Station: For anyone too fluent in gchat and too familiar with a profound absence of profundity.

The Stories and Essays of Mina Loy: For the sharp, the scissor-toothed, the dangerous kissers.

Who Was Changed and Who Was Dead: For the person who loves Shelley Jackson and Edward Gorey.

Never Any End to Paris: For all the failed flâneurs.