BNR: My niece and nephew are obsessed. How do you feel about the current world in which your children are being raised in, with art and the potential for art?

SR: I think it’s great. My daughter Anna–I should write an essay about this. She said recently while going to school, she put on something for school and she looked nice. I said, “You look pretty, Anna.” She said “Mom, I don’t go to school to look pretty. I go to school to learn.” Very matter of fact.

BNR: How old is she?

SR: She’s 8. I want to make a T-shirt saying that.

I interviewed Sarah Ruhl for The Barnes & Noble Review.

The images selected by memory are as arbitrary, as narrow, as elusive as those which the imagination had formed and reality has destroyed. There is no reason why, existing outside ourselves, a real place should conform to the pictures in our memory rather than those in our dreams.
from SODOM AND GOMORRAH by Marcel Proust